Ramadan Sticker Book


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A fun and educational Ramadan Panel Book with Reusable stickers teaching kids about about our holiest month!

Use in the classrooms or right at home. Bring it with you to the Masjid or on family trips. Great for kids three years and older.

As a child, Ramadan was the best time to see friends and family at community iftars at the masjid. We gathered for Quran competitions, Laylatul Qadr events, and delicious iftars. We may have been too young to fast but we were still able to enjoy the special moments Ramadan had to offer at the masjid.

This is what I wanted to capture in my Ramadan Sticker Panel Book. Your child can open the Masjid Panel and play with the reusable stickers to understand what is happening at the masjid during Ramadan including Salah, the moon phases, dinner etiquette and more. The Ramadan Sticker Panel Book can also be used as a standing backdrop where children can use their toys to create their own stories of beautiful taraweeh nights.

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